бассейн bestway

Бассейн bestway

Bestway pools are easy to set up and stress-free to maintain, but a rip or tear in the lining can lead to costly replacements. The good news is that repairing punctures requires just a handful of basic supplies and a few simple steps. While many Bestway pools come with a repair kit that includes all of the patching essentials, there are other ways of mending a pool liner that are just as effective and budget-friendly.

Create a Patch

If a patch kit is not available, use a piece of vinyl that features a similar pattern to mend the puncture. Cut out a patch that is at least five times larger than the rip or tear to ensure that there is enough material surrounding the puncture to create an airtight seal. Additionally, make sure that the vinyl patch is a circular shape and does not have any rough edges to help prevent further damage to the Bestway pool lining.

Apply the Adhesive

Apply underwater adhesive or vinyl cement to the back of the vinyl patch with a cotton swab, or place a generous amount of adhesive to the center of the patch, then fold to spread the glue evenly over the surface. Allow this to set and cure for 10 minutes before repairing the puncture. At this time, if the lining has any rough edges, use a piece of sandpaper to gently smooth over the area.

Patch the Puncture

The process for repairing Bestway pools differs for punctures above and below the water line. Rips and tears above the water line should be clean and dry before applying the

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